Only By The Night


Basked beneath the eternal scintillating glimmer of star light,
Against the transient toil of earthly life,
As their existence tapers off,
Even though the sun in the sky still shines bright.
A soul quenched its want for freedom,
As it glared into the past,
boundlessly stared at the spacious expanse of the universe,
To the red, luminous and gradually dying star.

Laying by your side tonight, star gazing into your bright eyes,
As though stardust I marvel every inch of you
So let your universe collide with mine.



Constant state of dilemma,
Fussing over incapabilities;
Questioning her own strengths,
Caught in a downstream
Whirl of existence,
Holding on patiently;
For the things to go right,
To decode her own destiny.

Quick Sand

Sparks of ideas escaped the doors of my mind like effervescence

Their niche in my brain now reduced to bleak impressions

Cast upon my consciousness, like ghostly recalls

Of all that escaped, and slipped away from my grasp

Rummaging through my mind, searching through all thats ever been

A word, a phrase around which I could have weaved

A string of stories, poetry alike

But because my incapacity, I’m forced otherwise. 

Tracing my thoughts backwards, 

(They must have escaped to run errands)

My failure to paint my feelings into thoughts and words

An incapacity; like my feet stuck in quick sand. 


While finding myself, 

If I’m the destination,

Then the people I meet

Are the maps that lead me 

Onto the road 

where I’d discover myself again

Finding the new pieces of a self

Embracing them, beginning again.

Fixing into the jigsaw, 

the pieces of a self previously unknown to me,

Unlocking just in time, who I am supposed to be. 

And if you believe 

That people are homes,

Then these homes are places where

Some of my deepest secrets and mysteries are laid,

Temporarily at rest 

Waiting, apparently

Desperate that they don’t fade.

Anticipating and hungry

For some attention and love from this soul,

Each home calling out for me

To trace a map to it and open it’s door.