Hello there;

This is just a post to show my gratitude to all of you for reading what I write. I told my mom i had 70 followers (finally) and she said WHO EVEN READS YOUR POSTS but whoever out there has taken the time to read my posts and press ‘like’,

As thankful as I am, there is another thing that I should put forward to whoever is reading this.

Right now I’m at a juncture in my life where two roads are diverging in front of me, and I am standing on the fork, completely clueless on which path to take. Help me.

Writing has always been special for me, and it gives me a lot of happiness and satisfaction. I’ve had my mom read my poems, and even some friends, and I’m looking for some honest opinion on my blog/writing. People who know me have appreciated me and I’m grateful for that, but then the familiarity bias sets in and I doubt if the judgment was true or a fa├žade to make me happy.

If even one or two out of you all, people who don’t know me at all read my stuff and critique- positive, negative, one word or in a paragraph, IT WOULD MEAN THE WORLD TO ME. Because right now I really need to know whether what I’m doing is worthwhile or not.

It makes me happy, and I am content with what I write, but just a few words, an opinion; it would really boost up my confidence and validate my belief on what I want to do.

So if you scroll by my posts- today, tomorrow, whenever, and like/don’t like something, let me know; comment below.

I want to be a writer;

& if possible, and with your help, I want to be a better writer than this.

Yours truly.