This blog was started with the simple purpose of finding a vent, a place where I could pour my heart out, and it has been serving this purpose since the last three years.

It has been with me as I turned sixteen, passed out of school, and got into college. Obviously, it has evolved with me, as I’ve grown through the years, and I hope that it continues to do so.

Every word that I publish is a manifestation of my own thoughts, sparked through feelings or inspirations.

Hi, I’m Priya. A self proclaimed ambivert, who believes in the virtue of destiny and the inherent goodness of people. I think, I type. A sentimental person, with a mind that often finds itself occupied in deep thought, a heart that beats for kindness and modesty, and a mouth that speaks silence.

This is my blog, and I hope whoever reads this is either able to relate to the way I feel, or find some literary solace in my words.

Thank you.


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